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The White Company has launched its first skincare range and the silky Super Balm cleanser is well worth a go

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By Frankie Graddon on

When I say The White Company, what do you think of? Fluffy towels? Fresh sheets? Cashmere bed socks? Well, as of now you may also think of moisturiser and face balms, because the uber-zen retailer has teamed up with Deciem (the guys behind The Ordinary and Hylamide) on its first-ever skincare range.  

The Advanced-Skincare Collection consists of a daily moisturiser, hand cream, eye cream, serum and face cloths, with prices ranging from £15 through to £40. All gorgeous and all packed with skin-boosting ingredients. But the products I am putting my money behind are the Super Balm face cleanser, £25, and the Night Oil, £30

Let’s start with the cleansing balm. Silky and luxurious to use, this shifts make-up brilliantly. Squeeze a blob into your palm and massage it all over your (dry) face, making sure to gently run it over your eyes to get rid of mascara. Once the balm starts to feel like it’s turned to oil, wipe it away with a warm, damp flannel. (You can buy the flannels from the range but, to be honest, a cheapie does the same job.) Et voilà – not only will your face be supremely clean, it will feel pillow-soft and smell faintly of lemons. 

Next, the Night Oil. I’ve only recently dabbled in facial oils, having previously been wedded to rich night creams, and find this one both soothing and vastly hydrating. I use three drops after cleansing, which is enough to keep my skin feeling plumped and supple all night. However, if you have really dry skin, then you could always top up with a little bit of your regular night cream. If your skin is on the oily side, don’t worry – this is not in the slightest bit greasy and sinks in very quickly. 

I’ve been using both products every night since the beginning of Jan and my skin is looking noticably good (if I do say so myself). Smooth, glowy and distinctly non-January-ish.




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