The make-up remover that actually improved my skin

It may be expensive but, says Hannah Banks-Walker, it might just be worth it

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

I first started using micellar water – years ago –  because I read an interview with an “off-duty model” and, given my impressionable adolescent age at the time, was rather taken with the idea of emulating her skincare regime. “I would never use anything but micellar water to remove my make-up,” she told the glossy magazine I had then picked up. She was French (the ultimate ambition, if you believe basically every single style article ever written for women) and the face of a major beauty brand. She could be trusted, I thought. 

Since then, I’ve become acquainted with the beauty of cynicism. But I have to say that micellar water changed my skin for the better. I had been using face wipes and, while they’re great for some people, they tended to dry my face out. While I would never normally spend a lot of money on something as mundane (and necessary) as make-up remover, I’ve just discovered Dior’s Hydra Life micellar water. And I’m hooked. 

It’s expensive. It’s £27. Let’s all accept, here and now, that there are some people who would never, ever spend that much on a product that essentially just cleans their face. But then there’s me. And while I don’t usually spend a lot of money on everyday beauty products, this is one of those indulgences that doesn't just bring a bit of luxury into my life, it also does brilliant things, too. 

It is, obviously, not your bog-standard micellar water. While it removes make-up extremely effectively, its magic lies in the texture and freshness. It left my skin feeling noticeably softer after just the first use and, since then (I’ve been using it for about a month), it’s improved the overall quality of my skin. Like any micellar water, it's a good idea to rinse your face with warm water after using it, despite what the bottle may tell you, to avoid clogging pores. But I’ve noticed that, every morning, my skin looks brighter and has – I hate to say it – an actual “glow”, which I had heretofore assumed was one of those made-up things you only ever hear about in conjunction with supermodels. It also smells delicious. 

I’m still on the same bottle, which, considering I’ve used it every day for about four weeks, is pretty impressive. It would have to be, of course, to warrant spending £27. I know there are some months when I might not be able to justify the extravagance but, for those times when I do want to treat myself, I’ll be heading straight for this. Call me shallow, but if it makes my skin look – and feel – better, I’m sold.




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