Can a £5.90 serum work?

Short answer: yes

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By Frankie Graddon on

I’m going to be completely honest: the first thing that drew me to this serum was the graphically pleasing packaging and the price. Not only would it look lovely on my bathroom shelf, but I’d have change from a tenner. How often can you say that? But, of course, the more important question is does it actually work? Well, yes, it does. 

The Ordinary, a new skincare range from Toronto, is attempting to simplify the world of skincare with a range of back-to-basic products that target specific skin issues. Using one or two hero ingredients in each product, the idea is that you can easily pick the right product for your skincare gripe, be it dehydration, sun damage, lines or redness. While I won’t pretend that the sciencey names used on the website are anywhere near simple, I will say that a conscious effort has been made to explain each ingredient and product. Plus, I’m a sucker for a dropper-top bottle and a £5.90 price tag. 

I’ve been trying the Hyaluronic Acid with B5 serum, which gives your skin a hydration boost and makes it feel plumped up and soft. The description on the website is a tad wordy but, in a nut shell, what makes this serum different is that it contains small, medium and large molecules of hyaluronic acid, which means the hydration benefits can go deep into your skin. This is good. Vitamin B5 is also hydrating, so double whammy. The bottle instructs a couple of drops be applied to clean skin pre-moisturiser both morning and night. It has a slightly tacky feeling on first application, but that quickly disappears to nothingness.

Also included in the range is their bestselling Vitamin C formula, which has brightening and age-reversing effects, and a Lactic Acid formula, which sounds quite scary, but is actually a mild exfoliator. Next on my list to try is the Rosehip Oil, which is good for treating sun damage, fine lines and redness. 

Am I sold on the simplicity factor? Hmm. Am I sold on the products and price? Definitely. 



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