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Because it’s hot and clammy and we’ve no time for sweat, here are six great deodorants

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By Frankie Graddon on

Sweaty armpits. One of those things that no one really wants to talk about is it? Not very glam. Far nicer to discuss lipstick colours or kittens. However, we all have armpits and it’s hot outside so now seems the perfect time to do so. 

There are a shed load of deodorants out there – sprays, roll ons, creams, powders – you name it, they’ve got it. But which ones are good? Which ones do the job? Team Pool to the rescue with some tried and tested recommendations. 

Best industrial strength 

Sanex Dermo Invisable Roll On £1.89
Sanex is a great brand for the sweatier among us. Their delightful smelling roll ons work really hard, keeping armpits dry and fresh all day. 

Best for no white marks 

Nivea Invisible Black & White Pure Antiperspirant roll-on, £1.75
Does what it says on the tin – totally invisible and doesn't leave any white marks. If you are wearing something black or expensive then this is the one.

Best for being handy 

PitROK Revitalise Shower Fresh Wipes, £1.99
These deodorant wipes are a god send when you are camping/traveling/need a post-work bathroom freshen up. They smell great, leave you feeling fresh and don’t fall apart in your hand. A definite recommend.

Best for zero nasties 

LUSH The Greeench Deodorant Powder, £6.95
A natural deodorant that actually works. This is very effective (even on sweaty public transport days) and is full of lovely ingredients such as Tea Tree, Rosemary and Sage which gives it a pleasant but not overpowering smell. Plus you can sprinkle it in your shoes to tackle foot pong –  result. 

Best for sensitive skin 

Vichy 48hr Soothing Anti-Perspirant, £8.50
Fragrance free and very gentle, this is great if you don’t like overly scented deodorants. When applied every morning (we couldn’t get our head around only putting it on every 48 hours) it kept pits nice and fresh.

Best moisturising 

Sure Maximum Protection Stress Control Cream, £4.99
This is amazing. It left no white patches, was soft on underarm skin and feels really moisturising. Plus it totally avoids the coughing fit that comes when spraying on aerosol deodorant.

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