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The Pool tries... bright eyeshadow

This season's biggest eyeshadow trend? Brights. But would you wear canary yellow, sunset orange and cobalt blue into the office? Team Pool give rainbow shades a whirl

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By Elle Turner on

Turns out, most of us are creatures of habit. When asked, Team Pool revealed that we tend to stick to the same make-up look most days. As far as our eyes are concerned, "no eyeshadow, or all shades of brown" wins the grand prize. The jazziest among us might be turned by a bit of sparkle, but cobalt blue? Bright green? No way, thank you very much. Which is why, of course, when this week's The Pool Tries came around, I made us all step out of our comfort zone and give brights a go. For if you can't wear canary yellow now, when on earth can you? The results are very surprising indeed...


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