Why this egg cup could solve your make-up storage issues

And why a shoe hanger will sort your lipstick collection. Frankie Graddon’s found five genius storage ideas for your beauty stash

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By Frankie Graddon on

If there was one downside to my job (which, obviously, there isn’t; I get to play with make-up all day), it would be that I have massive storage issues. By the time I’ve taken home all the new balms, creams, lipsticks and hair gloop to try, I’m left with an ever-growing mountain of beauty crap dominating both bathroom and bedroom. Obviously, my issue is probably greater than the average, but most people I speak to have problems when it comes to hoarding their stash.

Last year, I discovered the wonderful world of acrylic drawers – a cheap and effective solution. But, this year, I'm going wider and deeper (literally) into the storage remit: what to do with your make-up sponge? How about those heated hair tongs? So if, like me, you are in need of a place to store your stuff, here are five very clever ideas to try.

Store your foundation sponge in an egg cup

You can buy special holders for your make-up sponge, but a cheaper alternative is to pop it in an egg cup after you’ve used it. This will stop it touching grubby surfaces and keep it out of the way. Obviously, you can pick up an egg cup practically anywhere for pennies, but I particularly love Pip Studio.



Stick your mascaras, lipsticks, nail polishes and eyeliners in a clear shoe holder

One of the things I find tricky about storing make-up is not being able to see what everything is. And if you don't know what it is, you won't use it. A clear-pocket shoe holder is big enough to hold a lot of products, plus means you can easily see what’s what. Hang it on the back of your door and free up some shelf space. This works best with tube-shaped products as you can get to them easily. Amazon has zillions of options under £10


Keep hair straighteners in a magazine file

If you’re anything like me, your hairdryer/straighteners/tongs live in a tangle underneath the bed. The solution? A holder that hangs over the bathroom cupboard door. Alternatively, stick it all in a pretty magazine file that sits on the shelf.





Get a Lazy Susan

Want to just clear all the crap off your shelves? Get a Jerrybox 360 rotation storage box – the Lazy Susan of the beauty world. Store everything in the acrylic tower and spin to find the thing you need. The compartments are adjustable so that it can accommodate whatever sized products you have, plus it comes apart, meaning you can give it a wash when you need to.



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