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By Frankie Graddon on

Have you ever looked in the bathroom mirror of a lunchtime to find that your beautifully applied make-up has found its way down to your chin? Or gone weird and patchy? Or disappeared altogether? I get this all the time, as do many other women I know. The solution is two-fold. Firstly, you need a primer – something that evens out your skin texture and gives your base something to grip to. Read up on them here. The second thing you need is Trish McEvoy’s translucent finishing powder. A make-up-saving revelation.

Unlike powders previous, Trish’s powder doesn’t cake. Milled to the finest of fines, you can hardly feel it on your skin, but it works wonders at keeping your slap in place. As the name implies, it’s completely sheer, so works for every skintone under the sun.

To get maximum benefit, make sure your skin is well moisturised and even (your primer will help with this). Once you’ve applied your base, dust the powder over it with a soft brush (my recommendations are here), making sure you tap the brush on the back of your hand to get rid of excess before putting it on your face. Repeat the process once you’ve done your blusher and bronzer. 

You don’t need to use masses, so the palette will last you a while, and it means far fewer touch-ups, which, in my book, makes it very worthwhile. 





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