Erica's magic make-up trick

Water can make your eyeshadow bolder, your skin dewier and your foundation look more natural. Who knew?

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By Elle Turner on

There's a magic make-up ingredient lurking in all of our homes and it's much cheaper than your moisturiser. If you want to boost your eyeshadow or improve your foundation then all you'll need is to turn on the tap. Yep, water is completely transformational when it comes to refreshing your make-up, and all it takes is a spritz or two. Here's how.

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Step one

Before using your make-up sponge, run it under the tap or give it a quick spritz with water (so that it is damp but not dripping). This will stop the sponge from absorbing your foundation, plus the extra lubrication will create a smoother more natural looking application.

Step two

If you like a subtle dusting of powder eyeshadow, apply it dry straight from the pan. But if you would like the colour to stand out, dampen your eyeshadow brush with a make-up wipe or spritz of water before applying and it will make the pigment stronger. It also makes the shadow easier to blend.

Step three

After you've finished your make-up, lightly mist your face with a spritz-water bottle. Then, using your fingertips, gently press the water into your make-up. This will take away the powdery finish and blend away any harsh lines, making things look more natural.

And that's it. Done. 


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