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The shove-on-and-go guide to New Year’s Eve hair 

Forget faffing with a French plait, these five styles take two seconds 

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By Elle Turner on

It's New Years Eve, a chance to get suitably glamorous and (dare I say it) be a little bit adventurous. Only problem is, the more time spent faffing with a French plait means less time on the G&Ts down the local, which is where we'll all inevitably end up. So, here are five ways to make your hair look cracking in roughly two minutes. 

Add a swanky clip 

I like to approach my hair in the same way as my Christmas wrapping – do the best I can with the materials I have and, if all else fails, whack a snazzy bow on top. Swap the bow for some glitzy hair clips and you'll have yourself a virtually fuss-free hairdo that takes no time at all. This works particularly well with a side parting (just take a section above your ear from the sparser side and pin it), or with half-up-half-down styles (just clasp at the back). 




jazz up a ponytail

A look that's very simple, stylish and (crucially) easy is the low ponytail or bun. Tie it at the nape of your neck then pull out your fringe and loosen some side sections for a more relaxed look. Finish by adding a fancy hair tie like this pearl one from Accessorize or Urban Outfitters velvet bow. Easy.




fake a good hair day

If you want to conceal greasy roots, hair wraps, headbands and alice bands are the way forward. This sequin number from Mango is lovely and requires no effort, while River Island has glitzy hair wraps. Or, head to Debenhams for alice bands with a bit of sparkle






If you normally avoid tools like straighteners and curlers on account of the effort involved, I'd like to make the case for this super simple curling trick, as demonstrated by our very own Frankie Graddon. Simply tie your hair up into a high ponytail, grab small sections (roughly a fifth of the ponytail at a time) and curl it using a straightener (if you're very talented), or a curling wand (if you're uncoordinated and easily confused, like me). It'll save you having to mess about with sectioning off your hair and means that you'll start the waves midway down your lengths to avoid looking too poodle-y. Cloud Nine has some great options, should you be in the market for a new pair of straighteners.

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If all else fails, use dry shampoo

My number-one go-to when my hair looks a little greasy and lacks volume is to spritz in enough dry shampoo to mop up excess oiliness and just give my hair a bit of a zhuszh. (Caution: it will need rubbing in thoroughly to avoid rogue white patches). Sam McKnight's aptly named Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo is precisely the guy for the job on account of its pleasing scent (a bit like cedarwood, v festive), lightweight texture (so it won't leave your hair feeling too gritty) and volumising abilities (you can't beat it for oomph). Don't bother with a parting, leave it looking tousled and a little devil-may-care. Done.




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