Does cutting your hair actually make it grow faster?

In the quest for manageable hair, we'll believe anything. Time we debunked a few common hair myths

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By Elle Turner on

When I told The Pool office that I had five minutes with hair expert Anabel Kingsley, the questions came thick and fast: "Can I make my hair grow quicker?"; "Do I really need to brush it?"; "Why is mine falling out?" Thankfully, with a lifetime of experience (Anabel is the daughter of renowned trichologist Philip Kingsley), she was able to answer them pronto and clear up our hair confusion. 

Is it normal that my hair falls out more at certain times of the month/year?

Yes. Seasonal fluctuations in weather, diet and metabolism often impact on your hair. Seasonal shedding can occur any time of year – it all depends on your individual hair-growth cycle. Everyone is different and it's nothing to worry about.

how often should I brush my HAIR? 

Try to only brush your hair when necessary and not simply because it feels satisfying. Just think of what would happen to a jumper if you brushed it repeatedly – it would become frayed and damaged. The same applies to your hair. To get rid of tangles easily and with minimal damage to your hair, start at your ends and work your way up. If you start at the root, your tangles are likely to worsen and your hair is more likely to break. If your hair is very tangled, spray a detangling conditioning spray throughout your mid-lengths and ends before combing through. 


The entire office agrees that The Wet Brush is the best thing to get rid of tangles pain-free. Ignore the name – you can also use it on dry hair.


Not only does Aussie's conditioning spray smell delicious, it leaves your hair feeling super-soft and helps your brush glide.


Is there anything I can do to make my hair grow more quickly?

Short answer? No. Hair grows, on average, half an inch a month and there is no way of speeding this up. However, frequent trims can prevent the formation of split ends – and removing these can make hair look healthier and thicker over time. 

If you feel like your hair isn't growing, it could actually be because it is breaking. To strengthen your hair and to improve elasticity, use a repairing, conditioning treatment once or twice a week.

The Pool's pick


Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer is universally loved in the office as it makes your hair incredibly shiny and boosts elasticity, helping to prevent the hair shaft from breaking.


How often should I be washing my hair?

As a general rule, your hair routine should be similar to your skin routine – after all, you take your hair and scalp to the same places that you take your face, and they are subject to the same conditions. I’d recommend daily shampooing; however, that’s not realistic for everyone (especially where hair is long or very coarse or curly), and the benefits of cleansing may be outweighed by the damage done if you heat-style your hair after every wash. But no more than three days should be left between shampoos. Shampooing infrequently increases the likelihood of scalp problems. Imagine the state of your face if you did not wash it for a few days – the same applies to your scalp.

The Pool's pick

Less than a couple of quid each, Garnier's new Ultra Blends Deep Nourishing shampoo and conditioner in Mythic Olive smells delicious and leaves your hair silky soft and healthy-looking. 




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