How to stop your summer shoes from rubbing

Follow these three steps to ensure your summer sandals don't cause you any pain

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

New summer sandals are all well and good until it comes to the first wear. While you might excitedly remove them from their fresh shoe box, ready to enjoy a sunny day, you might then find yourself hobbling home not long afterwards thanks to a newly formed collection of blisters on your feet. 

Don't worry –  salvation is at hand. Here's our tried and tested method to preventing blisters and ensuring your brand new summer sandals don't inflict any pain. 

You will need:

Step one

Too-tight sandals are the main cause of rubbing, so give yourself some extra room by stretching them. Pop on some thick socks, put your sandals on over the top and blast them with your hairdryer. The extra heat means they'll stretch more easily.

Step two

Spritzing the inside of your sandals with dry shampoo before putting them on will help absorb any sweat, ensuring they don't slip up and down as you walk. 

Step three

Cover problem areas (mainly your heels and around your toes) in a thin layer of Vaseline, which forms a protective layer between your skin and your shoes, reducing friction. 

And that's it. Done!


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