The ultimate stay-in-bed beauty time-savers

Foundation for on the go, a 3-in-1 shampoo and your speedy moisture hit – Tory Frost is clawing back those extra Zzzs

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God, it’s dark in the mornings. I know the clocks only just went back, but I can’t be completely alone in having fetishised the shepherd’s-pie-and-Strictly-watching of autumn, while totally forgetting how it feels to drag yourself out of bed in the dark. I hate it. I hate it so much that, to be honest, I refuse to partake in it, leaving just a tiny sliver of time between getting in the shower and dashing out of the door.

So, as the cars get more frosty and your legs get more scaly, here’s my latest load of stay-in-bed beauty time savers…  enjoy your lie in!

Trinny London Just A Touch Foundation and Concealer

When this brand new beauty line from one of the most entertaining women on Instagram launched, I was determined to love it, so thank God it’s good. The concept is genius: smart, stackable pots of mostly 2-in-1 products you can carry about anywhere, ie on the Tube, where I do my make-up 90 per cent of the time. The cream formulas are perfect for fingers – I adore this concealer-and-foundation combo, which genuinely does both without drawing attention to pores (which many thick foundations do). The blushers are brilliant, too (try Phoebe).


Glossier Boy Brow

Google “perfect brows” and you’ll realise that a really natural-looking, well-defined look takes a good few products (brush, pomade, gel, spoolie at least). But not any more. This is the best brow “mascara” I’ve tried because it defines, thickens AND tames all in one. My only criticism is that it’s designed for millennials (most of whom missed the brow-unfriendly 90s) so, if you don’t have much brow to work with, you’ll still need something to fill in gaps. Benefit Precisely My Brow is your man for that.


Simple Water Boost Hydrating Booster

This little seven-quid tube is a real multi-tasker. If your skin goes haywire (flaky, patchy, dry, grey) come winter, chances are you’re dehydrated – this product tackles that. Use it as a serum before moisturiser, or just mix a blob into your moisturiser to give yourself a hit of, essentially, water. Buy two, pop one in your make-up bag and, if your face starts to feel tight throughout the day, pat some on top of your make-up. It won’t disrupt it – it will just make you feel dewy again. Mega impressive.


Lee Stafford Sea Salt Crystal Shampoo

This might be the weirdest shampoo you’ll ever try, but if you have flat hair and want volume and texture, then give it a go. It has real salt crystals in it, which is a bit strange at first, but I’ve genuinely tried every volumising, beachy product on the market and this is the only one that works, acting like a shampoo, conditioner AND salt spray all in one (if you have coloured hair or heavily heat-treated hair, then you might want to also use conditioner). Sidebar: New Look has an excellent version for a quid; annoyingly, it’s seems to be have been discontinued online, but if you see one of the last remaining pots in store, snap it up.


Gillette Venus & Olay 3 in 1 razor

Who the hell shaves their legs in winter? Naht me (I barely do them in summer, tbh). BUT, when I realise things have gotten a little more Tom Selleck than I’d like, it’s good to give them a decent going-over, rather than the cursory swipe of the blunt blade I know you’re used to (did you realise you’re supposed to change your blades every week?). So, in an effort to get the job done properly,  I’ve been testing out this fella and it’s genuinely worth the extra few quid. Strips of moisturiser help the razor glide over my month-long growth. Just bin the blade when the product is all gone.



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