Lost In Space on Netflix
Lost In Space on Netflix


What to watch this weekend

Netflix's new take on Lost In Space, the Masterchef final and Elle Woods' triumph over stereotypes – again

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Remember the Robinsons, the 60s nuclear family who were left to fend for themselves after their ship careered off into space? Well, they're back! Netflix have rebooted the idea into a 10-part series, with a darker, slicker and altogether more modern look – not that it took much. This time the family have crash landed on a foreign planet, where both alien life and rising family tensions are awaiting them. Lost In Space isn't astounding enough to be the next Stranger Things, but it's not tedious enough be the next Girlboss, either. 


Tonight marks the final of Masterchef (BBC One, 8.30pm), after a hotly contested and sometimes controversial seven-week competition. John Torode and Gregg Wallace have a tough job choosing between the final three contestants and, to be honest, it's anyone's game at the moment. At least they get to eat all the food...

A couple of hours later on the same channel is the television debut of BBC Three comedy Wannabe (11.25pm). Created by and featuring Lily Brazier, this part-sitcom-part-straight-slapstick skit follows Maxine in the later years of her popstar career. Having left a failing girl band years earlier, Maxine has turned her expertise to the management side of the business as the head of newbies Sweet Gyal. Unfortunately, she's not very good at that either – maybe because she thinks she's actually in the band. We spoke to Lily Brazier about her new series and what we miss about the 90s.


Today is the penultimate day of the Commonwealth Games, so you've still got time to put your hours in if you haven't already offered your support to whichever country you support. At 6.30pm on BBC Two, Clare Balding and co will do a lovely little round-up of the men's and women's relay finals, if you can't be bothered to wait around all day for the actual events. If you're a true athletics fan, or if you just have nothing better to do, the games are on BBC One from 1.15pm.

The real star of the day is the wonderfully clever and equally stylish Elle Woods, also known as Reese Witherspoon, in one of our favourite films Legally Blonde (ITV, 10.15pm). It's the film that gave us the bend and snap, our love of fluffy pens and our appreciation that how a women looks has *absolutely nothing* to do with her ability to get into law school, thank you very much.


Another BBC Three comedy is making it's way to "proper telly" tonight. Famalam (BBC Two, 10pm) is a sketch show by an entirely black comedic cast, and it pulls no punches. Every single time period, type of period and even dimension – real or fake – is up for a laugh, and it's done cleverly enough for niche comedy fans and broadly enough for casual fans.

For more classic comedy lovers, the whole back catalogue of Monty Python will arrive tonight. A great way to round off your weekend.


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Lost In Space on Netflix
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