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Team Pool select the songs and artists they’re channelling this year, from songs about heartbreak to a self-belief anthem  

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Thank U, Next – Ariana Grande (Emily Baker)

Ariana’s capacity for self-care throughout such a tumultuous year is something I hope to channel in 2019. This track is the ultimate embodiment of that.

Space – Maren Morris (Iesha Thomas) 

Maren is an absolute bad ass. This song is for reminding yourself that you deserve the best and sometimes need to get away from whatever’s hurting you or holding you back.

Ship To Wreck – Florence + The Machine (Jade Hutchinson)

This song and the artist represent being true to yourself, not doing what is expected of you by others and not being afraid to tear down and start again. The ways things are is never set in stone.

Swell – Imbi the Girl (Vic Parsons)

I’m channelling the emotionally intelligent and relatable vibe of Imbi The Girl – they are the coolest babe on the block right now, and this song about love gives me all the feels.

Hey Girl – Lady Gaga and Florence Welch (Cate Sevilla)

Because this year I’m channeling the positive vibes of two amazing women singing a song about loving and supporting each other. (Also it’s just a great song.)

Woman – Kesha (Elle Turner)

This is an absolute anthem. Not only does it make me feel like an absolute finger-clicking sasspot, it’s about focusing on the things that are important (mates) and letting everything else roll off.

Elastic Heart – Sia (Emma Foord-Williams)

Such an emotional, powerful song. I love the endless creativity of Sia and also the concept of an elastic heart, that it’ll never break no matter how far you stretch it.

I Am What I Am – Shirley Bassey (Amy Jones)

She went from being told that her voice was too powerful to sing in the school choir to being the first Welsh person to get a No 1 single. I want to channel her drive and determination to be herself, no matter what.

Missing U – Robyn (Tory Frost)

Robyn just did a Live Lounge on Radio One at the age of 39, proving you’re never too old to hang out with the cool kids. (Or to wear a vagina suit on Jools Holland). Major DGAF inspo right there.

Higher – Lily Allen (Calvin Draper-Wright)

Her voice is such an unashamed embodiment of “London”, my beloved home city. With this comes a brutal honesty that is something I hope to channel more in the year to come.

Bag Lady – Erykah Badu (Sally Moussawi)

Erykah Badu is the embodiment of living in the moment while also constantly evolving, something which I am aiming to emulate in the year to come.

This Is Me – Keala Settle (Elaine Robb)

Not an artist so much as a song. My kids love this and nothing gives me greater pleasure than hearing them bellow “THIS IS ME!” from the back of the car. That’s the sentiment I want them to take into 2019.

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