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Well, Ariana Grande had a busy weekend, didn’t she?

God is a woman and her name is Ari

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By Emily Baker on

It’s been a busy weekend for those of us on GrandeWatch – and by that, I mean me and your 14-year-old daughter. Rather than privately lick the wounds of a very public break-up, the popstar addressed her former relationship, with SNL comedian Pete Davidson, directly on her new single, Thank U, Next, in which she expresses her gratitude to each of her exes for the things they have taught her. Think Christina Aguilera’s Stronger, for the Spotify generation.

Thank U, Next is a banger, I think we can all agree on that. But it’s the song’s message that really resonates with her fans. At the line “I met someone else”, our collective ears pricked up, ready for the next breadcrumb of break-up goss. But it turns out Grande is talking about herself, and after having a truly rough couple of years (break-ups, the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, the Manchester Arena terrorism attack), it’s a joy to hear her so comfortable and confident.

At my own behest, my love for Grande’s relationship with Davidson has been well documented, and so it was hard not to feel a little embarrassed when the pair called off their engagement. Then the gossip started, and with it my sadness became nosiness, fuelled by TMZ reports and my inherent need to know everything about celebrities, no matter how inane. It started with a promo for SNL, in which Davidson jokingly proposed to that week’s musical guest, Maggie Rogers – a gag that is not only obvious, but disrespectful to a significant relationship, and, by extension, Grande herself.

Thank U, Next is a banger, I think we can all agree on that

And it seems she thought the same, tweeting, “For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh”. Grande then released the single just half an hour before SNL aired, so – rather than listening to Davidson’s uncharacteristically sincere “stop asking me about the break-up” speech – everyone who cares was already too busy bopping away to Thank U, Next.

And so, today, with the drama out of the way, we’re free to focus on the bigger, more important things, like how much Ariana Grande’s famous ponytail hurts her head. She revealed on Twitter that she is in “constant pain”, thanks to her trademark do, and, while women are far too often expected to endure pain to appeal to a certain beauty standard, Grande herself believes she is “just meant to have a high pony”.

If that isn’t the sign of a determined pop star, I don’t know what is.


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