Photo: Nicole Nodland
Photo: Nicole Nodland

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"You can play this at my funeral" - Róisín Murphy

From Grace Jones to MJ Cole, Irish singer-songwriter and producer Róisín Murphy takes us through a playlist of some of her favourite songs

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This playlist will take you through some of my favourite songs, I’m a boogie girl at heart.

Gwen Guthrie - Seventh Heaven

Gwen's vocals, music produced by Sly & Robbie, remixed by Larry Levan, this might be my favourite song! 

Alice coltrane - Blue Nile

This reminds me of long heart-broken walks in Ibiza many years ago.

Charlotte OC - Hangover (Moodymann reMix)

Beautiful vocals remixed by the Don.

Angie stone - wish I didn’t miss you 

Anther favourite of mine, the groove is an inspired sample of O'Jays Backstabbers and Angie's voice is second to none!! 

Shirley bassey - If you go away 

“I’d have been in the shadow of your dog if I thought it might have kept me by your side” is one of my favourite lyrics, delivered to perfection by Shirley.

Bonjay - Chelsea 

A great new track from a hugely talented duo from Canada.

Sonic Youth - cross the breeze

Kim Gordon changed my life.

Jackie Moor - This time baby 

A perfect dance record, a Mod anthem.

The Avalanches - because I’m me 

One of my favourite singles of the past few years.

MJ Cole - sincerE

You can play this at my funeral, I live my life by the philosophy of this song.

Rose Royce - Love don’t live here anymore

“Through the windows of my eyes everyone can see the loneliness inside me” – all-time favourite lyric.

Grace Jones - I’ve done it again

Grace is my A through to Z.

Joyce Sims - (You Are My) All And All

My old Manchester days encapsulated!

Miriam makeba - love tastes like strawberries

My dear hubby's favourite song, the theme tune to our early love affair.

Róisín Murphy is releasing a series of 12” singles across the summer via Vinyl Factory,  “Plaything / Like” is out now”.

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