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"This playlist is a reflection of who I am" – Rukhsana Merrise

From Joni Mitchell to an R&B singer from down the road, singer-songwriter Rukhsana Merrise takes us through the women musicians who have inspired and influenced her

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This playlist represents all the songs I've either listened to growing up or that I'm listening to at the moment. They have all inspired me somehow! These female musicians that I have hand picked are probably my favourites, from Joni Mitchell to Sia to Shola Ama. I remember listening to Joni Mitchell's album Blue when I was 16 and thinking, "I wonder what drinking a case of somebody would be like." Every time I listen to Sia's Little Man it makes me think of how deep a mother's love can be for their child, and whenever I used to see Shola Ama on TV it gave me a sense of encouragement and a belief that I could do it! She's a local girl and has an amazing voice. I guess as a playlist it's not genre specific but it's kind of a reflection of who I am. I just love what I love, regardless of where it's coming from, and try to bring it all together.

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Insomniac's Playlist

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