The King of Christmas is joy in a poem

Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy’s annual Christmas poem has arrived just in the nick of time

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Sometimes it’s hard to get into the festive spirit. Snow turns to sludge, the shops are too busy and there’s always one present you forget to buy. But one thing guaranteed to up the Christmas morale is Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy’s annual Christmas poem. 

This year, Duffy tells the tale of a bored Baron, whose wife encourages him to appoint a King of Christmas to bring some joy to the Manor. Stunning illustrations by Lara Hawthorne depict perfectly the resulting 12 days of madness, chaos and fun.

The King of Christmas is based on the medieval tradition of picking a Lord of Misrule, who would preside over the Christmas Feast of Fools – a merriment Duffy certainly conveys through her prose.

The King of Christmas is just the injection of fun this festive period needs, with lyrical exuberance and equally wonderful illustrations.

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