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Summer holiday still an age away? Here are four products that make you feel like you're already there

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By Frankie Graddon on

Sound the klaxon, summer holidays are here. Let’s get excited. Let’s jolly well get excited! 

Two long, hot weeks full of lunchtime cocktails, uninterrupted book-reading and afternoon sleeps. Room service, white sand, clear waters – heaven. Oh wait… you haven’t booked a fortnight in the Seychelles. Two weeks in Norfolk… with the kids… and their friends. Ah.   

Nae matter. From our Pool to yours (be it infinity, paddling or imaginary), here are four ways to fake tropical bliss. 


  1. Smells of coconut (in a good way) and keeps your lips silky soft. Delicious, utterly delicious. The Body Shop Lip Butter, £4 
  2. Green tea, aloe vera, olive and sunflower oils – the ingredients in Bobbi Brown’s body lotion reads like Gwyneth Paltrow’s morning breakfast shot. However, it is light, sinks in quickly and is uber-moisturising. It also smells of sand, sea spray and good times. Bobbi Brown Beach Body Lotion, £22 
  3. Four words: summer in a bottle. Honestly. Smells of jasmine, suncream, coconuts and other lovely holiday stuff. Instantly transporting, wherever you are. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess, £47 
  4. Wash hair, spray all over with O&M Surf Bomb, leave to dry. Excellent washed-up-like-this surf-girl hair, done. No actually surfing necessary. Good. Smells nice, too – fruity, a bit like pears. Original & Mineral Surf Bomb, £18 ​
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