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So the 'make me look like Alexa Chung' conversation ended up more 80s footballer than fashion icon?  Rosie Green has the answer

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By Rosie Green on

Are blow-dries your beauty crack? Do you, like me, luuuurve the smooth silkiness of a salon do? The swish. The shine. The euphoria delivered by a big round brush and a Parlux dryer. Well, I’ve got bad news. That Charlotte York Goldenblatt hair is now totally démodé. Matronly. Newsreader-esque. O-va. Like Louboutin stripper shoes and glitter-topped cupcakes.

I see it. I do. My backstage spies tell me fairy hair is big for the summer. The fashion nymphs in E8 are embracing fluffy. Yes, fluffy. You know, the kind of hair you looked down on when you were channelling New York sleek a few years ago. It’s all a bit hard to take for someone who came of beauty age with John Frieda’s Frizz Ease. 

But much though I really want a piece of that whole Alexa Chung, Emmanuelle Alt, shaggy, wavy thing, I can’t bear to leave the hairdresser's looking like I just washed my hair and left it. Lacking Chung/Alt’s cheekbones, cat’s eyes and designer wardrobes, I inevitably look more twit that it. OK on the beach, but not for a party or a need-to-nail-it meeting. 

“I will give you the sort of shag you want,” says John Frieda’s Kiki Koh (who FYI is unlikely to utter those words to a female in a non-salon environment). He has that glint in his eye manicurists get when they try and convince me to have an outlandish colour. A polished shag. Is that not an oxymoron? Turns out not. Here’s how he does it (plus the authentic way for comparison purposes).

Alexa-Style Hair

  1. Wash and air-dry hair.
  2. Add product like Redken Curvaceous Full Swirl Cream Serum,
  3. Scrunch.
  4. Pick out random pieces and use a big-barrelled curling tong – try WAM Revolving Curling Iron –to add more defined curls.
  5. Add a little oil to the ends.


Rosie-Style Hair

  1. Get a haircut that finishes around the collarbone and dips longer at the front.
  2. Inject body with volumising spray. Try John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Blow Dry Lotion.
  3. Use a small round brush and wrap the hair around it in a spiral action (the brush is vertical).  This creates a wave and gives the smoothness and root lift of a traditional blow-dry.
  4. Swish at leisure.

So here you have the ‘polished shag’ ©.  You’re welcome.  

Kiki Koh, John Frieda, Aldford St. 

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