What’s the best piece of careers advice you’ve ever received? 

The world of work is changing fast, so how can we future-proof ourselves and, ultimately, be happy and fulfilled? We asked some entrepreneurs, writers, broadcasters and career coaches for their thoughts…

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Hold on to your hats – we’re in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution and changes are coming to the workplace. Technology, the gig economy and artificial intelligence are already having an impact and, very soon, experts predict, "a job for life" will become an old-fashioned notion. Indeed, by 2020, one in five of us is predicted to become contingent workers, ie freelancers, independent contractors or in fixed-term, instead of permanent, contracts.

Our future career paths aren't as predictible as they once were, with many jobs expected to change or disappear in the coming years. It's an issue that looks set to affect our children's future, too – indeed, it's a very real possibility that many jobs that will be plentiful in the future do not even exist now. 

So, can you really “future-proof” your career and, if you have children, can you help them on to a path that makes them happy and fulfilled? To find out, The Pool recently held a Future-proofing Your Child event, in partnership with EY. Hosted by The Pool co-founder Lauren Laverne, the panel included award-winning career coach Carolyn Parry; consultant clinical psychologist Professor Tanya Byron; education journalist Laura McInerney; student and deputy chair of the EY Foundation’s School to Work National Youth Panel Alex Otubanjo; and Kerstyn Comley PhD, co-founder of a new “safe space” app for teenagers, MeeTwo.

After the event, we asked the panel to share their working mantras – snippets of advice that they follow in order to be happy and fufilled in their own careers. Their advice makes for some interesting watching and is worth bearing in mind when you next come to a career crossroads or are helping a child with theirs. 

Catch up on the Can You Future-proof Your Child event here.


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