I AM...

Tanya Joseph

I AM...

Tanya Joseph

Inside the world of Tanya Joseph, the brains behind Sport England's iconic #ThisGirlCan ads

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Inside the world of Tanya Joseph, the brains behind Sport England's iconic #ThisGirlCan ads

  • I AM GOING… to move in with my husband. We got married in November 2014 and we’ve not lived together yet. So, by the end of the summer, I will be living with him. We both live in London – it’s a very modern approach to marriage! 

  • I AM LOVING… Serena Williams. She’s an amazing athlete, but she’s also a feminist – she’s clever, she’s funny, she’s great. A couple of hours after winning the Wimbledon women's final, she was back on court winning the women's doubles. As a feminist too, I love her. 

  • I AM WATCHING… The West Wing all over again. It’s my favourite TV show and I’ve watched it countless times. There’s now a great new podcast called The West Wing Weekly which is hosted by one of the actors who’s in it and they have fantastic guests. Each week, they all watch an episode and then talk about it. It’s a really nice way of catching up and hearing different perspectives. I love politics and think The West Wing is a great show – so this is a brilliant excuse to watch it again. 

  • I AM READING… American Gods by Neil Gaiman. It's not the kind of genre I normally read at all, but it was given to me and I thought I wanted to give it a go. I really enjoyed it – I might actually read another one!

  • I AM EATING… mainly new potatoes at the moment. I love this time of year because there’s always fantastic new produce available: new potatoes, asparagus, beans, lamb… Yesterday, I made a hot salad with them and added lemon juice and zest, olive oil and a little bit of yoghurt stirred in, and lots and lots of fresh herbs. 

  • I AM WEARING… maxis, surprisingly, which I thought I wouldn’t be able to pull off (because I'm short), and maybe I don’t, but I like wearing them. I’ve found petite versions, which don’t make it look like I’m dressing up in my mum’s clothes, and it’s quite liberating. I’ve got a black one; it’s quite casual, but then quite glamorous with black shoes, a bit of jewellery… It probably shows too much cleavage, but it’s still good fun. If you’re covering everything up, you’re allowed to show some other bits. Maxi dresses from Boden are really good if you’re small – they do a really good petite range. 

  • I AM TRYING… not to get too angry or depressed about what is going on at the moment in the country – it’s really hard. I’m trying to think about all the positive things we can do, because it feels gloomy and grim at the moment, and we need to avoid talking ourselves into getting worse. We need to remember that we are fundamentally good people and we shouldn’t try and create more of a divide.

  • I AM EXCITED… about the next phase of the Sport England This Girl Can campaign – people will be seeing the first installation of the new phase in September. I’ve been looking at creative content for it over the last few days and it looks fantastic. We’re going to be talking to women about a whole range of things within sports – about all the barriers that stop them wanting to get involved, like the fear of judgement. We want to encourage women to believe that sport is a place for them, and show them there are other women who feel that way, and give them examples of how they got over it, how they’ve managed to deal with that fear and find their own ways of being active. It’ll have the same sassy tone of voice, the same sense of humour, as our last #ThisGirlCan campaign. Hopefully, you can recognise yourself or your mate or your mum or your sister in the women who are going to be leading the campaign, so it’s going to be great. 

  • I AM USING… a Fitbit, which has absolutely transformed my behaviour, actually. I got it for Christmas and I wear it all the time. I have become incredibly competitive with myself, but also with a colleague about how many steps we do each day, and how many hours we’re active. I find it incredibly motivating. I walk around London a lot now, because there’s no point in trying to get on a bus, as the traffic here is a nightmare. But if you spend half an hour walking to a meeting, you’ll have done three or four thousand steps!

  • Find out more about Sport England's This Girl Can campaign at thisgirlcan.com

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