This Year I'm Channelling

The women we're channelling in 2019

In search of inspiration for the year to come? Members of Team Pool (plus a few other familiar voices) share the women whose actions or attitudes they're looking to channel in 2019

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Editor of The Pool, Cate Sevilla, talks about Greta Gerwig
The Pool's editorial intern, Iesha Thomas, talks about Maren Morris
Author of Slay In Your Lane, Yomi Adegoke, talks about Cardi B,The Pool's youngest feminist, Miranda (8), talks about Malala Yousafzai
The Pool's sub-editor, Vic Parsons, talks about Munroe Bergdorf 
Model and activitist Munroe Bergdorf talks about Maya Angelou
Author of Alternative Ageing, Suzi Grant, talks about Iris ApfelThe Pool's news and features writer, Emily Baker, talks about Ariana Grande
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This Year I'm Channeling

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