So, how royal are YOU?

You've read the gossip columns, scoured the pages of HELLO! Now, before you settle in front of the box with your glass of fizz and souvenir shortbread, take our (very non-scientific) quiz to test your royal knowledge 

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1 What’s Meghan’s real name? 

2 Which royal rules will Meghan be breaking at the wedding? (Bonus points if you know what Harry's up to, too…)

3 What are the happy couple doing to save money?

4 What other "royal" couple got married this month? (clue: they’re pink and oink) ​

5 These drinks could be ones served at the royal reception – which would you use to toast the happy couple?

  • Gin and Dubonnet 
  • Classic Negroni
  • Royal Butler Wine ™

6 You’re having a night in front of the TV, do you watch... 

  • Corrie
  • Suits
  • I'm A Celebrity

7 How do you drink your tea? 

8 Say "How now, brown cow?"

9 How do you carry your handbag? 


1 Rachel

2 According to the tabloids, some of the rules the happy couple are said to be breaking are the following: Meghan may be making a speech at the reception; the couple are serving elderflower and lemon cake instead of fruit cake; Meghan is said not to have a maid of honour. Harry is also not having a "supporter" as is royal tradition; he is having a bestman.

3 M&H aren't having plus ones. This is to keep the numbers down and the fact that Harry doesn't have to have a state wedding like William did and invite 2,000 guests, many of whom are heads of state and he didn't know. Instead they are inviting 800 guests, 250 to the evening do. Sorry, Fergie. 

4 Percy, the pink gummy sweet from Marks & Spencer, or Markle & Sparkle as the store has rebranded itself this weekend, has gotten married to his longterm live-in partner, Penny. Unlike H&M, the couple have been dating for four years and already have piglets together. 

5. If you answered... 

  • Gin and Dubonnet?
    You are... Four-cocktails-a-day-The Queen
  • Classic Negroni
    You are... Meghan Markle (It's her favourite drink)
  • Royal Butler Wine ™
    You are... Paul Burrell. (According to Decanter, Paul Burrell,  Diana's "favourite butler", I'm A Celebrity star and renowned "entrepreneur", launched this brand of wine in 2007. Bagsie us a vintage...)

6 If you answered... 

  • Coronation Street?
    The Queen. It's her favourite soap, apparently,  along with Pointless and Countdown.
  • Suits?
    You are Meghan, obvs.
  • I’m A Celebrity
    You are Paul Burrell. Please, please, PLEASE, do us a favour and watch this clip again

7 How do you drink your tea? 

With a saucer, and using your pinkie finger. Definitely not in a mug. 

8 Say "How now, brown cow?"

If you sound Scottish, Welsh, Finnish, ie not in any way posh, then no points for you.

9 How do you carry your handbag?

Marks knocked off if your handbag is full of rubbish. 

SO, HOW DID YOU FARE? CUE Drumroll, 21-gun royal salute, Cliff Richard singing Congratulations! in your ear.


  • If you answered… 6-9: then you are as royal as…The Queen
  • If you answered… 3-5: you are as royal as… Meghan Markle
  • If you answered…0-3: whack, whack, oops. You are as un-royal as… Paul Burrell. 

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