This 83-year-old woman is the world’s oldest lingerie model

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Here's why we should all try to Be More Dorrie

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

Last night, I dreamt I went to Manderley again. Totally kidding, I dreamt that I was stockpiling baked beans in anticipation of World War Three and impending doom. That’s probably because I spent a lot of yesterday reading the news, which isn’t exactly a riot of laughs at the moment. This is why the news of Dorrie Jacobson, and her decision to become the world’s oldest lingerie model at the age of 83, is possibly one of the most uplifting things I’ve heard for a while. That’s where we’re at. But I don’t care, because Dorrie doesn’t care, and my new resolution is to Be More Dorrie.

Why am I suddenly prancing around in lingerie in my eighties? Because I want to encourage women to embrace their bodies at every age

A playboy bunny in the 1960s, Jacobson has over 26,000 followers on her Instagram account @seniorstylebible, on which she posts pictures of herself just generally being fantastic and living her best life. The most recent picture is one of Jacobson in her undies along with this caption, which deserves to be read in full:

“Why am I suddenly prancing around in lingerie in my 80s? Because I want to encourage women to embrace their bodies at every age. Society is obsessed with youth...and I want to broaden that definition of beauty to include women of all ages. Why do we have to be young and flawless to be considered beautiful? I think women need to start embracing their imperfections rather than feeling bad about them. If I can stand here in my knickers, with a less than perfect 83 year old body....then perhaps other women will be inspired to love themselves a little bit more... flaws and all.”

There are also pictures of Jacobson in her playboy-bunny costume (!) on her Instagram account, as well as golden nuggets like the photo of her reading Playboy outside a trailer with the following caption: “Trailers are cute. I’ll give them that.... but anyone who expects me to go traveling around in one... better change the 'road trip' dress code to include feathers and heels.” I’m obsessed.

Speaking to the BBC, Jacobson said, “Age is not a number, it’s an attitude”, before she explained that she wants to inspire women and show them that a woman in her eighties can still be sexy. According to Jacobson, her boyfriend is “obviously a fan”, but she’s doing this for herself and her own self-confidence. I’m not sure why it’s taking an octogenarian former playboy bunny to remind me (a woman not in my eighties) to try and feel good about myself, but, regardless, it’s working. I believe Jacobson is the very embodiment of – to borrow a millennial phrase – giving zero fucks. And maybe that’s something we all need right now. At least, until World War Three arrives. But hey, as Jacobson says, the main thing is to have “a little wiggle in my walk”.


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Photo: @Jnsamanophotography
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