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Natalie Abrahami

I AM...

Natalie Abrahami

Inside the world of theatre director Natalie Abrahami

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Inside the world of theatre director Natalie Abrahami

  • I am going…. to enjoy re-entering the real world after being in my rehearsal room cave over the summer. WINGS has just opened at the Young Vic Theatre so I am coming out of hibernation and looking forward to bingeing on all non-research related activities. Exhibitions and the cinema here I come.

  • I am loving…. the terror and stimulation of working at the edge of my skill-set to stage Arthur Kopit's brilliant play which centres on Emily Stilson, a former aviatrix, whose bravery and determination come to the fore when she has a life-changing stroke and her world fractures. Arthur Kopit writes the play from Mrs Stilson's point of view, putting the audience inside her mind as he charts her efforts to piece her life back together and find a way to communicate with the outside world. His provocation is to find a way to stage thought and language and so we've tried to find a way to do this by making Juliet Stevenson's whole body a representation of Mrs Stilson's brain.

  • I am watching…. the Netflix documentary My Beautiful Broken Brain on repeat. It is by the incredibly talented Lotje Sodderland whose stroke at 34 left her with aphasia and an extraordinary new way of seeing the world. The way she expresses herself visually and verbally is incredibly moving.

  • I am reading…. lots of scripts – I love this embryonic stage of development where ideas can go in so many different directions.

  • I am eating… my body weight in blackberries after some very successful foraging for the last ones of the season at the weekend.

  • I am wearing…. a Cos navy blue long-sleeve shirt dress. It has deliciously deep pockets which can store note paper, pencils and phones.

  • I am using…. a variety of notebooks in the attempt to keep my life together after my laptop died just as I went into rehearsals. I haven't sorted a new one out yet and all I know is that I am bored of always arriving at meetings with the wrong notebook.

  • I am trying…. out emojis. I've always been resistant to them but am gradually thawing.

  • I am excited….to be teaming up with Juliet Stevenson again. Since Happy Days at the Young Vic we have been looking for another project to collaborate on and it's fantastic to work with someone so brave and rigorous - not to mention humblingly talented and sender of the world's longest text messages, replete with many emojis - she is my emoji-mentor. 

  • You can buy tickets for Natalie's production of Wings here.

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