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Meet Janet, the terrifying superhero fighting misogyny and “rude people”

Photo: Twitter @Manda_like_wine


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By Emily Baker on

Children’s creativity knows no bounds, but it can also have terrifying consequences. Meet Janet, a superhero straight from the imagination of 10-year-old Luca. Janet has green skin, death-black eyes and a pink scarf. She holds “a twig that she smacks the jerks down with” in one hand, scissors to “cut people in half” in the other and, according to Luca’s note, “she’s a hero only to herself”. And, now, to the whole of the internet, too.

Janet was spawned from Luca’s day at an art camp, where the kids were given a project to create any superhero they could think of.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Luca explained why Janet was given such a normal name. “She could be anybody, but she’s not like anybody,” she said. “Janet is my perfect hero.” When Janet is near a “rude person”, her stick glows, and she “hates bullies and misogynists”. But just like us, Janet has a weakness – sometimes she has to stop and sharpen her stick.

Luca’s mum, Amanda Mancino-Williams, posted her creation to Twitter, where Janet captured the hearts and minds of thousands. Tributes to Janet started pouring in, including some pretty incredible fan art.

Some are already beginning to get their Janet cosplay looks together.

We want a comic book. We want a film. We want Janet merch. Get ready everyone – #Janetiscoming.


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Photo: Twitter @Manda_like_wine
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