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Davina McCall

I AM...

Davina McCall

Inside the world of presenter Davina McCall

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Inside the world of presenter Davina McCall

  • I am going… to have a lovely summer. Every year I take two months off with the kids and I've got a feeling that this summer might be the last that we'll be with all three. My daughter's hitting sixteen and she's already been invited on holiday with a mate – I was like, “oh my god, this is it”. So this year is going to be really lovely and we're we're away for three weeks in various places and then we're going to be at home.

  • I am loving… life. I feel really, immensely grateful. I'm working with Garnier and Unicef so I’m actually seeing the work that Unicef does and how children get displaced. It’s so easy. It makes me think about my kids and the summer that I'm going to spend with them and how lucky I am. So I love life, and I feel immensely grateful and it’s really, really nice when you feel like you can put something back in.

  • I am reading… Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane. It's one of those books where it starts off by telling you what's happened at the end, which is quite weird but then you spend the whole book thinking, “are you the one that gets murdered?” It's a bit like Gone Girl where you're thinking, “what?” And I read books, by the way. I do not do the Kindle. We need paper.

  • I am watching… series one of Girls. I know I'm really, really, really late to the party but I tried the first episode when it first came out and I wasn't ready, I didn’t get it. Somebody told me to just give it another go because it is literally the best series ever. When everybody was watching the last episode I knew I had to do it. I just can't get over Hannah and Adam's relationship. It's one of the best things I have ever seen. He is such a fantastic actor and it’s such a complex character. All the characters are just amazing and the script is really good. I am obsessed.

  • I am eating… so well at the moment, I am really enjoying food – a lot. When I look at my food from twenty years ago in comparison to what I'm eating now, it’s a miracle. I'm looking after myself so much better. My children are, by osmosis, becoming lovers of healthy food as well. I asked them the other day, “what kind of toast would you like? Should I go and buy a white bloomer as a treat?” And they said, “no, we'd rather have brown.” Jackpot! My daughter is really into vegan food and she watches lots of YouTubers and Instagram, so she's starting doing these amazing vegan cooking things at our house. So we're doing a lot of experimenting with that, eating less meat. It's great!

  • I am wearing… basically wear the same stuff as I did when I was in sixth form. I'm quite into tailoring. I like jeans, I like flat loafers, I like shirts done up to the top button, I just love masculine clothes and that's where I feel most comfortable. I really struggle in very feminine dresses and there have been periods in my life where I really try and become a girl and it's just not happening.

  • I am using… Garnier Summer Body. I love it and it is a product that i've used every day for the last three or four years. I can't even remember how long I've been using it. I use it all through the winter and I think it's a very unknown product, but if you meet anybody that uses it, they are obsessed with it. It's one of those things where I feel like I should share it because people don't know about it. If you're brown it makes your tan even nicer, and if you're not brown it just gives you a little something so that you don't look totally pasty. It smells really nice, it doesn't ever streak because it's not a fake tan and it just kind of washes off. But if you layer it up day by day, you can really get yourself quite a nice colour.

  • I am trying… to never use the word try again. I really hate that word – you either do or you don't do. If you fail, it doesn't matter, it's not that you didn't try, but you can't go, “I tried”, it's just, “I had a go and it didn't work.”

  • I am excited… by the future. We've had a really, really weird time in the world but I always feel that tomorrow's another day and there is hope. Learning a bit more about Unicef has made me really feel like there's so much good in the world and we never really hear about it. You never hear about all the people doing amazing things. And actually sometimes, good times don't feel as good if they're just following more good times. Good times feel amazing when they follow a terribly dark time in our history. We're in that terrible dark time now, but the good times will come.

  • Garnier have made a commitment to UNICEF to work together to support 300,000 children in danger as part of their three year #CommitToCare campaign. This in response to the fact that one in four children worldwide is living in danger, often due to natural disasters and conflict. This partnership aims to help 300,000 children living in emergency situations to play, learn and receive basic healthcare in a safe and secure environment.  Garnier’s support can help UNICEF to fund specialised educational, recreational and hygiene kits to be used in child friendly safe spaces around the world.

    To find out more please visit – www.Garnier.co.uk/unicef

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