Photo: "#Despacito with snoring"


Is there anything more joyous than a wife remixing her husband’s snores into a dance track?

The answer is no. No, there isn't.

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By Amy Jones on

Imagine someone spends four years secretly filming her husband everytime he falls asleep and starts snoring, then enlists their nephew to help them remix it with a dance track. Imagine how great you think that would be. Then watch this video, because I guarantee you that it’s even better.

The snoring star of the video is Raúl Amador Márquez, but his brilliant wife’s name is still unknown. Still, she’s my new role model – I wish I could bottle the absolute delight in her face and voice at the start of the video and sip at it whenever I felt low. Plus, anyone who can be faced with a husband who snores so loudly that she can’t have slept properly for their entire marriage and still have enough of a sense of humour to do this rather than smother him in his sleep with a pillow is a better person than I’ll ever be.

But still, what about him? Say what you like, but that is an impressive range of tones and volumes of snoring. And I am amazed at the amount of places he can casually have a quick nap. In his bed, in a park, on a dining chair, in a car, on a bench, whilst reading a book, on a totally different bench with a blanket over him, even at a restaurant with his head propped up on his hand. He naps naked, fully clothed, somewhere in between, outdoors, indoors, at night, in the day, alone and surrounded by people. He is unashamed, proudly defying social norms, snoring away wherever and whenever he fancies. He’s an inspiration to anyone who has trouble staying awake on car journeys and any bus trips over 15 minutes everywhere.

I implore you, Raúl Amador Márquez, please keep napping. And to his hilarious wife, and their nephew who made this video happen, all I can say is thank you. You are doing God’s work, you truly are.


Photo: "#Despacito with snoring"
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