I AM...

Kirsty Gallacher

I AM...

Kirsty Gallacher

Inside the world of Sky Sports News presenter Kirsty Gallacher

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Inside the world of Sky Sports News presenter Kirsty Gallacher

  • I am going...to Seville. We've got a family house there.

  • I am loving... the hot weather.  Literally every time i feel myself saying “I'm hot”, I gag myself because if anyone else moans about the weather, I'm thinking please don't even go there. We pray for this weather all year. And I know this is at extremes but it’s so much better than grey, cloudy and wet.

  • I am watching… sport. I'm really dull when it comes to TV stuff – I watch sports all the time or I watch Spring Watch and Summer Watch. Spring Watch has just finished but I'm catching up on it on Sky Q.

  • I am eating... healthily for the summer and a lot of avocado. I'm really into it, with chilli flakes on it and sometimes an egg. I don't eat it every day obviously, because it is quite calorific, but they're very good for you. My son is obsessed with avocado and bacon sandwiches too. I'm the healthy one, but children should eat what they want, to be honest. It's good for them.

  • I am wearing... a lot of skinny tops at the moment, because of the weather. I'm wearing a lot of halter-necks or skinny tops with jeans or with a skirt for work.

  • I am using… body oil by Caudelie. I hate putting moisturiser on my body, especially when it's hot – it makes you feel really sticky and horrible. I know it sounds really weird, but body oil is so much nicer. Caudelie also do a face spritz that I love.

  • I am trying...to get to bed earlier. At the moment not I'm coming off air until eight at night and then after I want to go and have dinner with friends or take the kids out. I’m just enjoying the summer nights and eventually I have to tell myself to go to bed. I can’t get up in the morning otherwise.

  • I am excited...about sharing my England chant and getting people to get behind the England Women's Football Team for their upcoming major tournament. I'm working with the sponsors, Vauxhall, so I want to get more people behind the team with me and rally around them.

  • I am reading… Vogue magazine, which I'm obsessed by and I get it delivered every month. As a busy mum I'm still trying to catch up and get through my latest edition. I'm very girly and Vogue is a bit more girly and fashion-y than all my usual work in sport.

  • As official sponsor of the England women’s football team, Vauxhall Motors is uniting the nation to #GetIN this summer and make some noise for the team. Kirsty Gallacher is working with Vauxhall Motors to create a series of rallying chants in support of the players and team. Learn them, shout them, support them at vauxhall.co.uk/england

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