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One shall never be too old for a Big Night Out 

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The Queen looked to be having a fabulous time at a friend’s birthday party last night

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By Hannah Varrall on

Glorious pictures have emerged of the 91-year-old monarch entering The Ivy restaurant in London last night, for a friend’s birthday party. Wrapped in a huge warm shawl, which covered a spangly silver dress (excellent ankles, Your Highness), she beamed with the excitement which precedes a Big Night Out. In honour of Princess Margaret, who was always a laugh, the Queen brought a purse with a photo of her sister on it.

The Daily Mail speculates that the Queen may have dined on Bang Bang Chicken, and reports that this is the first public restaurant outing that HRH has had since going to Bellamy’s last March, where you can get a three-course deal for £28.50.

The Queen, who we must assume never sleeps, had been presenting new colours to guards from the 1st Battalion and F Company Scots Guards earlier in the day, at Buckingham Palace. Prince and Princess Michael of Kent attended the dinner, as well as David Walliams, who famously acts as the Queen’s body double when she fancies a sit-down. Sources are yet to confirm whether the birthday party moved on to Tiger Tiger afterwards or went back to Buckingham Palace for karaoke and a nightcap.


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Photo: Getty Images
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