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Purple lady shows us the true power of dance

In a turbulent time, the one thing that can still bring us all together is the joy in an older woman spontaneously throwing some shapes on a Soho street 

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By Amy Jones on

If there is one thing that politics has made abundantly clear, it’s that we are a nation divided along age lines. We need something to unify us, to remind us all that no matter how we voted on Brexit we all bleed, breathe, and hate Donald Trump the same. But what could bring us together like this? Well, judging by this scene from Soho at the weekend, we should entrust the future of our nation to the power of dance. 


I don’t know who this woman is, but she is everything I want to be. The fluffy hat, the purple coat with the perfectly clashing swishy green skirt, the way her dancing is half-sexy wiggle and half-rave face, how she made a determined beeline for the attractive chap half her age who caught her eye, the total lack of caring what anyone around her thinks, the tiny obedient dog who is clearly very used to his owner spontaneously dancing around him, everything. She takes being a purple lady to the next level and I love her.

According to the poster of the video, @37YEARWAIT, this wasn’t an organised event – there was a DJ playing in front of an opticians in Soho (sure) and this wonderful woman took the chance to get down with her bad self halfway through a dog walk. The crowds of young‘uns around her who’d seemingly been bobbing their heads along cooly until that point flocked to join in with her, because there is nothing as joyous as an older lady with moves that would put most clubbers to shame. Identity politics be damned when there’s an impromptu polka to do.

So, with the general election just weeks away, how can we use this unifying power for good? Do we need to have obligatory ballroom dancing lessons outside each polling both? Will party political broadcasts consist of nothing more May, Corbyn and Farron dabbing to whatever’s in the charts that week? Will celebrities get involved? Will the purple lady in this video be dancing behind Beyonce on her next tour? The way politics goes these days, who knows. But for now, I’m going to make like this purple lady and dance like no-one is watching wherever and whenever I feel like it,  preferably with a tiny dog at my side.


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Video: @37YEARWAIT
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