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The art of splitting the bill

Sketch group Massive Dad teach us how to split a bill with minimal social awkwardness

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By Caroline O'Donoghue on

Just because some of us are too broke/lazy/antisocial to go to Edinburgh Fringe this year doesn't mean we can't enjoy some comedy. Hello! We're living in the information era, the Golden Age of absorbing entertainment for free. In the spirit of delicious free comedy, please enjoy the following frankly-a-little-too-uncomfortably-familiar sketch featuring Edinburgh favourites Massive Dad. 

Before someone tracks me down on Twitter with an acerbic comment about how this perpetuates the myth that women hate numbers, the thing I love about this sketch is that it's so much more about social awkwardness than it is about mental maths. That moment where you're petrified of seeming like a cheapskate but, equally, totally incredulous at the idea of paying for more than what you've technically consumed. The paralysing fear of getting it wrong, and over-compensating as a result. The shrill, "Oh, no, you musn't" and, "Oh, no, you can't" when someone finally caves and pays for your lunch.

This is a tiny bit of comedy art and, if you have a free evening, I thoroughly recommend you spend the rest of it watching the rest of Massive Dad's videos. 



If you do happen to be at Fringe this year, you can find Massive Dad 24-28 August, Pleasance Upstairs at 11.30pm

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