Debbie and Mandy Macdonalds in Crystal Palace, 1980


Wonderful photographs of style tribes in the 1980s

The photographer is now trying to find her original subjects, 35 years on 

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By Marisa Bate on

Between 1980 and 1981, student Anita Corbin embarked on a photography project called Visible Girls, documenting the different female style tribes of the time. Travelling across London, Corbin photographed Mods, New Romantics, Skinheads and Rockabillies, in all their eighties glory. 

Now, 35 years on, Corbin is searching for the women in the pictures for her new project, Visible Girls Revisited. She told The Pool, “I intend to photograph them as they are now, hopefully still as a pair of friends, in a similar set up to the original image – obviously with the contrast of modern photography equipment too! 

Have their dreams come true? How has the changing world and it's politics affected them, their careers, families?

Until the advent of social media all I had was a bunch of out-of-date phone numbers to go on. The international network of Facebook, blogging and Twitter is making this new project possible and I want to take full advantage of it's extraordinary reach.” 

The original photographs are a masterclass in eighties fashion trends and youth culture, but they are also a portrait of friendship and the strength which comes from feeling part of something. 

Corbin is still trying to locate around half of the pairs of girls in the original photos. So if you are a Visible Girl – or know one – please contact Anita at 

Ann and Charlotte at home in Southfields, 1980

Kath and Em in Putney, 1980

Charie and Jill at Crystal Palace, 1980

Lynne and Penny at home in Kingston, 1981

Anne and Penny at The Market Tavern in Vauxhall, 1981


Debbie and Mandy Macdonalds in Crystal Palace, 1980
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