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I AM...

Giles Deacon

I AM...

Giles Deacon

Inside the world of designer Giles Deacon

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Inside the world of designer Giles Deacon

  • I am going... to the Sundance Film Festival for the first time. I'm looking forward to seeing the new series of Top Of The Lake that Jane Campion directed and also the general atmosphere. People always seem to have a good time there.

  • I am loving... the concept of the arrival of spring. I'm really, really ready for spring, it's one of my favourite times of the year and it's just starting to peep round the corner now all the daffodils and the nice things have started appearing. It always puts a fresh buoyancy back into the world.

  • I am reading... Plague, War and Hellfire by Rebecca Rideal, which is a nice cheery book about London in 1666. It's quite fascinating and in detail because a lot of it is based around Shoreditch, Moorgate and Bishopsgate which is where my studio is. That's where Samuel Pepys used to go, and there's all this information about how difficult London was to get into because it was a walled city. It's non-fiction, so it's really interesting.

  • I am watching... Glitch on Netflix. It's not really a zombie film but it's about people who crawl out of their graves and for some reason they can't go further than a certain distance, or start having these weird attacks. The episodes flash back through their histories and it's really well put together. I'm also really enjoying Tom Hardy's new series, Taboo. The research and the sets are fantastic.

  • I am eating... lots of broccoli, steamed vegetables and poached salmon. I'm trying to be really healthy and try and keep off the chips and curry sauce. It's going well so far.

  • I am wearing... a Ralph Lauren lilac jumper, a pink polo shirt and a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans.

  • I am using... a mix of technology and watercolours. I've got a commission to do and I'm going to do a mix of things on my iPad Pro and then experimenting with some watercolours. I like that hand-drawn aspect that can be messed about with on the computer, it's good fun.

  • I am trying... to be inspired and inventive. If I manage to get that done, I'm happy. 

  • I am excited... about the collection that I've done with Ariel. It's a social experiment in a certain way around the concept of designing a collection that's graphic and with vibrant colours and bright whites, then covering it with gravy, wine and all sorts of things. Then the 3in1 pods wash them and they come out looking as clean as new. I love that mix of technology and science with fashion.

  • Giles Deacon and Ariel partnered to conduct a social experiment to redefine the meaning of clean.

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