iO Tillett Wright (Photo: Ryan Pfluger)


The Pool meets iO Tillett Wright: The Director's Cut

iO Tillett Wright (Photo: Ryan Pfluger)

iO Tillet Wright is an artist, activist and author that speaks out for those society often rejects. He talks to Marisa Bate about his new memoir, his complicated relationship with his mother and how New York made him who he is today

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By Marisa Bate on

iO Tillett Wright grew up in the kaleidoscope of the Lower East Side in 1980s New York, surrounded by drag queens, drugs, poets and performers. Born a girl, at the age of six iO decided he wanted to be a boy and a long, lonely and incredible journey of self-discovery followed. His new memoir is part love letter to his destructive yet completely accepting mother, part portrait of NYC and part message of solidarity to anyone who feels that society doesn’t accept them for who they are. Agitator, artist and owner of small dog called Leo, iO Tillett Wright is a voice of brave and bold new generation that needs to be heard. 

iO Tillett Wright (Photo: Ryan Pfluger)
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iO Tillett Wright

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