Brenda from Bristol (Photo: BBC)
Brenda from Bristol (Photo: BBC)


Are we already suffering general-election fatigue?

If we don’t laugh, we’ll cry

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By Emily Baker on

In today’s Sun, you will find the wittily titled “Brenda Agenda” – a calendar of the next 49 days leading up to the general election. Instead of campaign dates and speeches, it’s full of appointments like “Pierce Brosnan’s birthday” on May 16 and “Phil Collins at Royal Albert Hall” on June 7. Just three days after Theresa May called a snap election and we’re already being silly.

The calendar is named after Brenda from Bristol, who, when interviewed by the BBC on the day of Theresa May’s announcement, said, “You’re joking! Another one?!”, echoing precisely what we have all been thinking this week.

We’re so tired we’re reverting to silly (but very funny) playground tactics – a man in Bolton who saw Theresa May driving past got out of his car to give her two fingers:

And you can always rely on the internet to be creative, as this meme of a dabbing Jeremy Corbyn, with a quote from his first campaign speech, is doing the rounds on Twitter. Our political editor Gaby Hinsliff’s tweet summed up what we’re all thinking:  

The general feeling seems to be “Really? This? Again?” And it’s not even been a full week. On the day after the announcement, the second page in the Daily Mail was a double-spread picture of a farmer who uses a horse plough, rather than a tractor. “Dreading seven weeks of political posturing? Cheer yourself up with this charming image of a farmer who shuns tractors for shire horses” read the headline.

If the internet is anything to go by, election fever has well and truly taken over. But there will come a time, very soon, when we will all need to take the election seriously, as Brexit, healthcare, education and cuts hang in the balance. Until then, the Brenda Agenda will stay stuck on the office wall.


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Brenda from Bristol (Photo: BBC)
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