Chris Brown, Rami Malek and Alex Salmond (Photos: Getty Images)


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Alex Salmond faces 14 charges of sexual assault and attempted rape

The former Scottish first minister, 64, faces multiple charges, including two of indecent assault, nine of sexual assault and one of breach of the peace. He made no plea during a hearing at Edinburgh Sheriff court, which lasted less than five minutes. After the hearing, Salmond said he was "innocent of any criminality".

Chris Brown files defamation suit against woman who accused him of rape

The singer was released from French police custody earlier this week, after a woman alleged that Brown and two other men raped her in a Paris hotel room this month. "I wanna make it perfectly clear... This is false,” he wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post.
Rolling Stone

Bohemian Rhapsody is losing out on awards following accusations against Bryan Singer

The Queen biopic has been removed from the best original film category at the GLAAD Media Awards, after director Bryan Singer faces new accusations of sexual assault and misconduct. A 13-year-old alleges he was sexually assaulted by Singer on the Apt Pupil set.

Mexican woman jailed for miscarriage released after conviction is overturned

Dafne McPherson was accused of murdering her newborn, following a miscarriage in July 2016. An appeals court says evidence was insufficient. The case highlights the criminalisation of women who suffer miscarriages and abortions in Central America.
The Guardian

Pregnant women to get more job protection in new maternity-leave rules

Women who return to work after maternity leave will be offered better job protection than their colleagues, under proposals by ministers to tackle discrimination at work. Similar rights could be extended those who take shared parental leave or take leave to adopt a child.
The Times

Scotland plans to become world leader in gender equality

Proposals include offering 50 hours of free childcare a week for young children and establishing a world-leading process for complainants of sexual violence. Global movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp were cited as the force behind radical change for equality for women and girls.
The Guardian


Chris Brown, Rami Malek and Alex Salmond (Photos: Getty Images)
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