Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital, Dublin (Photo: Getty Images)


An Irish woman was refused an abortion

Abortion was legalised just two weeks ago

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By Iesha Thomas on

A Dublin hospital has refused to give a woman an abortion, the Irish parliament has been told.

Abortions without restriction up to 12 weeks became legal in Ireland on 1 January, following the historic referendum last year.

The pregnant woman had been told her foetus had fatal abnormality by two consultants.

Speaking in the Irish parliament yesterday, Irish Solidarity-People Before Profit politician Ruth Coppinger described it as the “first test case” for the new abortion legislation.

“It appears that the board of the Coombe Hospital is refusing her constitutional right which we all voted for, to have an abortion at a time she chooses,” Coppinger told the Dail.

“Instead they have told her that she must wait another four weeks to see if there is a spontaneous miscarriage.”

Coombe Hospital said that claims that its board had a role in determining whether or not the criteria for a termination had been met were untrue.

“This is precisely the case that was brought to national attention that led to pressure and demands for repeal of the eighth amendment,” Coppinger told parliament. “At 13 weeks, this woman went for her 12-week scan. They could clearly see at that point that the organs of the foetus were outside the body.”

Coppinger said the woman is now considering travelling to Great Britain to have an abortion.

The lower house of parliament’s speaker, Sean O Fearghail, told Coppinger that it was inappropriate to discuss a medical situation in the Dáil Éireann.

But Coppinger insisted: “This is about the law.”


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Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital, Dublin (Photo: Getty Images)
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