Quai des Orfèvres in Paris, where the alleged rape occurred (Photo: Getty Images)


A Canadian woman was allegedly raped by two French police officers

“I want to confront these men publicly, I want them to know what they did, to show the impact that had on my life”

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By Iesha Thomas on

Two French police officers are on trial for allegedly gang-raping a Canadian tourist. The attack is said to have occurred at Paris police headquarters – the equivalent of Scotland Yard – back in 2014.

Emily Spanton, 39, of Ontario, Canada told the court yesterday that she met the accused in a Paris bar while on holiday almost five years ago.

One officer asked her back to his flat and, when she refused, four others invited her to visit Quai des Orfèvres, she said in her testimony.

“I thought I would be safe there. I was drunk,” she told the court. They arrived after midnight, when Spanton was taken to the Research and Intervention Brigade (BRI) office, which specialises in crimes such as kidnapping and terrorism.

According to her testimony, once there she was offered a glass of whisky and an officer tipped up the glass so she drank half the contents in one go.

Spanton then told the court she was made to perform a sexual act, as she fought back tears. She thought it was over, she says, but she was told to stand up and was pushed on to a table and raped by two officers. Spanton alleges she was then pulled “into another office and it happened all over again”. When Spanton left at about 2am, she told an officer on duty at the door: “I have been raped.”

“I want to confront these men publicly, [I want] them to know what they did, to show the impact that had on my life,” Spanton told the court.

She said that she had been attacked by three officers, but only two were identified by investigators as Captain Antoine Q, 40, and Major Nicolas R, 49, of the BRI office. French law prohibits the publication of the full names of BRI officers.

Both initially denied having sexual relations with Spanton, but later admitted having done so when confronted with scientific evidence. The two officers claim that Spanton consented to sex after flirting with them in the bar and in the car driving to the police headquarters.


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Quai des Orfèvres in Paris, where the alleged rape occurred (Photo: Getty Images)
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