An avocado proposal


Avocado proposals are becoming A Thing

Photo: Instagram (@mindful_af)

Because, in the land of Instagram, nothing says “I love you” like an avocado

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By Emily Baker on

As well as your breakfast, the dogs you see on the street and #blessed holiday sunsets, Instagram is also a great place to show off a proposal. Whether you’re the lucky recipient or popped the question yourself, where better to announce the news to your 480 closest friends – and show off your corker of a ring – than on the fifth most popular social-media platform in the UK. If it’s good enough for Ed Sheeran, it’s definitely good enough for you.

But, with over one million posts under the “proposal” hashtag, how on earth can you make yours stand out? At the top of a ski slope makes for a pretty picture, but Paris Hilton already did that, and there’s no way you could top her starry salopettes. What about including a puppy? In the world of Instagram, one puppy + a proposal = maximum likes. But there’s one surefire way to get those thumbs double-tapping, and that’s with an avocado proposal.

Because nothing says “I want to spend the rest of my life with you” like a ring lodged in half of a mushy brown fruit.

According to The Cut, the trend started on Instagram (of course it did) when yoga blogger, and apparent avocado enthusiast, Taylor Selby posted a photo of her boyfriend proposing with the fruit all the way back in 2016, while photographer Kim Tyler happened to catch a similar proposal on a beach just a month before. Recently, accounts like Food Deco and mindful_af have been posting the same picture of a ring and avocado – both accounts were seemingly enamoured by the idea.

Luckily, the trend doesn’t seem to have been picked up that quickly, but, with many commenting on mindful_af’s picture with comments such as “That’s awesome!” and “Creative proposal!”, it’s possible some may be inspired to try it themselves.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with an avocado proposal I guess. Each to their own. But, last year, avocado prices rose to a record high because of bad harvests, and –  to be overly serious for a moment – there are some questions over the ethics of avocado farming. Maybe we should put a stop to this now, before a famous wellness blogger catches wind. Say it with me: avocados are for toast.


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Photo: Instagram (@mindful_af)
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