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Glasgow Rape Crisis forced to stop taking on new survivors after loss of funding

Supporters believe Children In Need pulled its funding because they don’t support enough male survivors

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By Emily Baker on

Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis support centre has had to stop offering help to new survivors, because of a loss of funding from Children In Need. While phone support will still be available, no more women can be added to the waiting list of people needing face-to-face assistance.

As reported in Glasgow’s Evening Times, the announcement was made on the centre’s Facebook page on Wednesday evening. “We are so sorry for having to make this decision but recent loss of funding for our work with young women and girls has had a significant impact on our overall service provision,” it reads. The current wait to receive face-to-face support at the Glasgow centre stands at nine months.

Since this original post, the crisis centre has also announced the closure of its weekly ROSEY (Rape Crisis Offering Support and Education for Young People) drop-in sessions due to the lack of funding. These sessions offered support for young women between the ages of 13 to 25 who had been victims of rape or sexual violence. The wider ROSEY project aims to educate young people and raise awareness about sexual violence in school and youth groups.

While phone support will still be available, no more women can be added to the waiting list of people needing face-to-face assistance

Campaign group White Ribbon Scotland – a collection of men taking action on violence against women – delivered its own Facebook post in support of the centre, suggesting Children In Need removed funding because not enough support was offered to male rape survivors. “Rape Crisis Centres provide services to women and girls including trans women and Children in Need must have been aware of this throughout the funding period,” says the statement. “Given that more than 90% of all reported rapes are committed against women it would seem more appropriate for Children in Need to consider providing funding to services geared up for male survivors rather than withdrawing this award.” The post was shared by the Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis support centre to its own page.

Children In Need denies the allegation that funding was pulled because of the lack of support for male survivors. In a statement, the charity said its decision was “in no way connected to the support of male victims. We recognise the value of gender-specific services in this area of work.” It did not offer an alternative reason as to why funding for the centre was not renewed after the three-year grant came to an end.

In response to the loss of funding, the centre has created a Just Giving page, asking people to donate to help re-open its waiting list. The page has generated over £9,000 worth of a £35,000 target in just one day. Donate to the Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis support centre here.


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