Theresa May faces more resignations; 12 boys successfully rescued from Thai cave; England prays it is coming home (Photos: Getty Images, Facebook, Rex Features) 


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Cave rescue: “Hope became reality” says Navy Seal chief

The 12 schoolboys and their football coach stranded in Tham Luang cave, Thailand, were successfully rescued yesterday. The team trying desperately to free them from where they were trapped due to rising water admitted they were unsure whether it would be possible, with the head of the Thai Navy Seals, who headed up the three-day mission, saying there was “only a tiny bit of hope”. “We had a little bit of hope that they might still be alive but we had to do it,” rear admiral Arpakorn Yuukongkaew told the BBC. “We just had to move forward.”

Facebook fined for data breaches in Cambridge Analytica scandal

The social-media giant will be fined half a million pounds – the maximum amount – for its role in the scandal over data breaches. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) concluded that Facebook had breached the Data Protection Act twice – once for failing to safeguard its users’ information, and once for failing to be transparent about how data was being used or harvested by others. The £500,000 fine is the same sum Facebook made every five and a half minutes in the first quarter of 2018.
The Guardian

Tories draw “battle lines” over May’s Brexit plan

Two Conservative party vice-chairs handed in their resignations yesterday, in what is quickly becoming a particularly difficult week for the prime minister. Maria Caulfield and Ben Bradley followed in the footsteps of Boris Johnson and David Davis earlier in the week. The Tories are said to be drawing “battle lines” over Brexit, with increasing amounts of infighting within the party. In another blow for May’s integrity of leadership, President Trump said that he wanted to speak to his “friend Boris” – snubbing the PM – during his visit at the end of this week.
The Times

Hot rooms without air conditioning stop your brain working properly, study finds

The Harvard University study found that humans work best at an optimum temperature and said that everyone from schoolchildren to office workers should be provided air-conditioning where possible. Previous studies have been limited to vulnerable older people and young children, creating the presumption that the average person is not affected. The study, which tracked students’ performance through higher temperatures and and compared their performance to those working in cooler environments, is the first to debunk that myth.
The Independent

England prays that it is finally coming home

Gareth Southgate’s side will meet Croatia tonight at 7pm in the semi-final of the World Cup. Tonight’s match will be the first time that England have reached the last four teams since 1990, when they lost to West Germany. If they win, we could reach the final of the tournament for the first time since our sole win, 52 years ago in 1966.
Sky News


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Theresa May faces more resignations; 12 boys successfully rescued from Thai cave; England prays it is coming home (Photos: Getty Images, Facebook, Rex Features) 
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