A man intentionally messed up his kitchen to “test” his girlfriend
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A man intentionally messed up his kitchen to “test” his girlfriend

Apparently, if she cleaned up, she would have proved herself as “wife material”

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By Emily Baker on

It is now a truth universally acknowledged that Twitter user @VJBritemanLive is in want of a wife. But before this honour can be bestowed upon her, any potential suitors must pass VJ’s “girlfriend test”. The first challenge in this noble quest? To clean his messy kitchen of her own accord.

Yes, really. Here’s the kitchen in question:

The fact that VJ would expect his girlfriend to clean his house is offensive enough, but then he reveals that he messed up the kitchen intentionally, as a way to test whether she was “wife material”. According to his tweet, she failed miserably upon leaving “without even washing dishes”, “let alone [doing] some cleaning.”

At this point, we’re all thinking the same thing: good for her.

What VJ didn’t take into account was how his girlfriend would see him after she walked into the chaos. He didn’t anticipate that she might question her relationship with a grown, adult man who lives in squalor. Or that she might wonder why he didn’t bother to tidy in preparation for her visit. Whatever it was, something didn’t sit right with VJ’s girlfriend, as when she found about about the test, she promptly dumped him.

Of course, this opinion on what makes a good wife has been a stereotype for decades, one that means women cook, clean and, according to VJ’s subsequent tweets, “treat your man like a baby all the fuckin [sic] time.” But nowadays, women are allowed to do all sorts of things away from their husbands – have jobs, sit and watch telly, even have opinions on thing like, oh, I don’t know, who does the cleaning.

I think everyone can learn a valuable lesson from this tale: women aren’t responsible for men’s mess. After being dumped, perhaps even VJ will vouch for that one.


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