Women's minister Justine Greening (Photo: Getty Images)
Women's minister Justine Greening (Photo: Getty Images)


The Equalities Office has a gender pay gap problem

The government department wants companies to publish their pay gap data

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By Emily Baker on

The Government Equalities Office, headed by woman’s minister Justine Greening, pays its female workers six per cent less than their male colleagues, according to the Mail on Sunday.

The news comes as a revision to the 2010 Equalities Act comes into effect in April, meaning large companies are required to publicly declare their pay gap data in an effort to quash pay disparities between men and women. 

Unfortunately this isn’t the only pay gap the 50 workers at the Equality Office face. The report also found that ethnic minority staff were paid 12.3 per cent less than their white counterparts, and able-bodied staff were paid 11.25 per cent more than disabled workers.

The department say they are currently unaware of the source of these figures, and that this gap is in a better state than that of the overall civil service, which currently stands at 13.6 percent. 

UPDATE: A government spokesperson responded to the claims, stating: "We are committed to tackling the gender pay gap across the Civil Service. Over the last three years through the Talent Action Plan, we have been successful in increasing diversity in our talent schemes, and our approach to maternity leave and returning to work. The Civil Service is committed to being a place where everyone can thrive regardless of background, with the aim to becoming the most inclusive employer in the UK."


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Women's minister Justine Greening (Photo: Getty Images)
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