The week in pictures 18-22 December


The week in pictures 18-22 December

The #FreePeriods protest, Christy Turlington's natural lines, and Matt Damon's inability to shut up about sexual harassment

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By Kuba Shand-Baptiste on

The #FreePeriods protest, Christy Turlington's natural lines, and Matt Damon's inability to shut up about sexual harassment

By Kuba Shand-Baptiste on
  • Matt Damon won't stop wading in on the conversation around sexual harasment in Hollywood, and we're all tired of it. He's become – as Sali Hughes so aptly put it – "the short-circuiting Woody doll of the #MeToo movement".

  • 2017 may have been a terrible year for marginalised people in general, but it was great for demonstrating just how resilient women and young people are. It may all seem bleak now, but "it looks like the beginning of something" said Gaby Hinsliff

  • A B&B owner with a burning hatred for women has barred them from his business because they're "taking over" in the UK. And he used a lightbox that reads "women are not welcome" to make it that much clearer. What a class act.

  • It was the #FreePeriods protest against period poverty this week, and The Pool went down to speak to some of the women at the demonsration. Watch the video here.

  • Versace's spring campaign featured a close-up of Christy Turlington's face – natural lines and all. "The person who deserves the most credit is Christy herself, for sanctioning natural-looking images to be released into a landscape where 'natural' is vehemently frowned upon." said Laura Craik.

  • The list of women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct keeps growing, unfortunately (there are 67 to date). And The Pool has been keeping track of each new allegation

  • The late disclosure of evidence on the part of police in two rape trials almost led to the conviction of two men due to false allegations of rape, but as Marisa Bate points out, miscarraige of justice is an issue in itself, and not the fault of victims who are brave enough to call out sexual misconduct. 

  • Attacks on Diane Abbott have been relentless for the past year, but that didn't stop Star Sports from promoting a staff-member's decision to dress up like her in blackface at the World Darts Championships, and defending their decision to do so afterwards.

  • Feud – the new show about the relationship between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis – served as a pretty great analogy for #MeToo infighting this week. "Women need to be allowed to be varied, textured and flawed [...] It’s only then that we can break the endless cycle of Bette and Joan" said Caroline O'Donoghue

  • An opportunist took advantage of the rift between Meryl Streep and Rose McGowan over #MeToo by plastering posters like the one above around Hollywood. But aren't we all forgetting who the real enemy is here? 

  • Campaigners have uncovered that victims of domestic violence in Russia are being forced to pay the fines for perpatrators of violence against them. "It is up to us, here in the UK, to keep highlighting their experiences and to keep listening to their stories." said Lily Peschardt

  • The trailer for the second instalment of Mamma Mia dropped this week and everyone's wondering what happened to Meryl Streep's character, who is mysteriously missing from it. 

  • TV chef Mario Batali was accused of sexual assault and chose to conclude his apology with...a recipe for cinnamon buns.

  • The arrival of the Ocean's 8 trailer, which features an all-female ensemble cast, has incensed many a feminist-hating man. Their outrage (including taking issue with the fact that there are 8 women instead of 11 like in the original movie) is – strangely enough – somewhat fascinating. 

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