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A man lived with women for a week. Here’s what he learnt

Spoiler: all our secrets have been exposed

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By Emily Baker on

Opening the Twitter moment titled “One man's observations after living with all women for a week”, I was ready to be angry. Here we go, I thought, what stereotypical sexist bollocks is this going to be? But how wrong I was.


Yeah, that, too…

There are 32 lessons Roberto Carlos learnt while living with a group of girls and – at least for me and my friends – they are all accurate. We all come in from a night out, eat mayo pasta and dissect everything that happened in the last four hours. We do leave hair everywhere, but mostly in artistically placed clumps on the shower wall. Growing up, I was the designated eyeliner drawer and at The Pool’s Christmas party – and this is entirely true – I laughed at eating a carrot. I really am the ultimate cliché.

I have been surrounded by women my whole life – all my immediate family are women, I have a sister, I went to an all-girls school, I work in an all-female office – so it never occured to me that these behaviours would be deemed odd. But, if Carlos’ thread is anything to go by, men have no clue.

Ultimately, it comes down to the brilliance of female friendships. When women are close, there are no boundaries. We’re silly, flamboyant and uninhibitedly hilarious – there’s no joy quite like that of a bunch of women enjoying each other’s company. Carlos is a lucky guy to have had a glimpse into our private world.


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Girls (Photo: HBO)
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