This viral video reminds us to unite against hate 

The Danish video celebrating human diversity is a simple reminder of our similarities – the very thing Trump wants us to forget

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By Zoë Beaty on


It’s easy, when there is so much talk of walls, and when our differences are used as political warfare – and when global rhetoric turns quickly to “us” and “them” – to forget the things that unite us. Right now we're being taught to fear our differences: our choice of religion, our nationalities, sexualities, or backgrounds. And when that narrative becomes acceptable, it can be difficult to overcome. But a viral video is doing just that. 

The video, “All that we share”, was released this week by a Danish TV channel and has now been viewed more than 20 million times. “It’s easy to put people in boxes: there’s us and there’s them,” the narrator begins. On a stage, groups of people are standing in groups signifying the boxes which are figuratively created for them by society. They stand as immigrants and natives, country folk and townies, “the high earners and those just getting by. Those we trust and those we try to avoid. There’s the new Danes and those who have always been here,” the video explains. And then they begin to melt our aching hearts. 

Amid so much hatred, this reminder of togetherness – of the experiences and characteristics that transcend the futile labels we’re branded with – is a strengthening political statement which blurs the lines between us until we're one


“Who here today was the class clown?” the announcer asks; the first of a series of questions. And something lovely begins to happen. Some people start looking around, slowly they move away from their designated boxes towards the centre of the group. And they smile. And suddenly the silent room starts filling up with laughter. They stand together.

Another group forms – the step-parents. “And suddenly, there’s all of us,” the narrator says: those who believe in life after death, seen UFOs. A huge group who “love to dance”. “We who are broken-hearted, we who are madly in love. We who feel lonely.”

It's incredibly heart-warming and, amid so much hatred, a timely reminder of togetherness and how happy it can make us. When you zone in on experiences and characteristics that transcend superificiality, the labels we’re branded with become futile. The video shows that all too clearly, and serves as a strengthening political statement, blurring the lines between us until we're one. One force of human nature, of acceptance and of fighting back when powers try to pit us against one another. The refusal to take the political bait and to instead stand side by side. 

“Maybe there’s more that brings us together than we think,” the video concludes. Let’s not forget that. 


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