Emily Ratajkowski and Piers Morgan (Photos: Getty Images)


Emily Ratajkowski hits back at Piers Morgan for saying her spaghetti shoot isn’t feminist

Spoiler: It’s possible that Piers Morgan doesn’t actually care about feminism

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By Lily Peschardt on

On Wednesday morning, Piers Morgan opened Good Morning Britain with one of his favourite pastimes: criticising women.

The focus of this particular rant was Emily Ratajkowski who recently posed for LOVE magazine’s advent calendar. In the photoshoot, Ratajkowski is wearing pink lingerie, fingerless gloves, high heels and covering herself with spaghetti. But it wasn’t the strange accessory choices and bizarre premise that Morgan had a problem with, but rather Ratajkowski’s take on feminism.

Morgan opened the segment by trying to explain who Emily Ratajkowski is, but he stumbled fairly early on, saying: “I don’t know quite what she is.”

His co-host, Susanna Reid, clearly sensing a rant coming on, interrupted him, “She’s a very successful international model,” she said pointedly.

“She’s a global bimbo,” Morgan replied, because that’s the sort of enlightened feminist expert he is – when a woman does something he disagrees with, he immediately concludes they are stupid and calls them out on national television.

"For goodness sake," he chastised Ratajkowski at the end of the segment, "Get some clothes on and get yourself a proper job"

I’d recommend actually watching the footage for yourself, but if you look closely, you can literally see Susanna Reid lose the will to live as she explains the the viewers, “Piers has got a personal vendetta against her.”

Obviously, Morgan wasn’t done. “She likes to think taking her clothes off is promoting feminism,” he said. Because obviously Piers Morgan is the true oracle of what it means to be a feminist in 2017.

Ratajkowski took to Twitter to call out the sexism in Morgan’s claims:

Followed by an excerpt from the statement that accompanies the video LOVE magazine posted to Instagram; Ratajkowski makes it abundantly clear that in this post-Weinstein world she doesn’t care how her actions are perceived by men.

That’s exactly the point feminism is trying to promote, that women can do whatever they want with their bodies. And, to a lesser extent, with spaghetti – eat it, writhe around in it, fashion it into a very slippery hat.

It’s exactly this idea that drives Piers Morgan so insane. He knows that power is a zero-sum game and the more power women have over their own lives, the less power he and all the other white, straight, rich, old men of the world are able to exert over them.

“For goodness sake,” he chastised Ratajkowski at the end of the segment, “Get some clothes on and get yourself a proper job.”

Piers, I hate to break it to you, but the time when you could tell women what to do is well and truly over.


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Emily Ratajkowski and Piers Morgan (Photos: Getty Images)
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