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Have we reached peak mansplaining?

A woman who tweeted the perfect example of mansplaining has had the tweet mansplained back to her. When will they stop?

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By Emily Baker on

Mansplaining has been around in one form or another since the dawn of time, but recently – and mostly thanks to the internet – things have really gotten out of hand. Country star Keith Urban thought it suitable to release a wholly unnecessary song about sexual assault and Julian Assange offered women advice on how to avoid “predatory sleaze bags”. Let us not forget that this is a man who lives in a cupboard because of rape accusations against him.

The list of men explaining things to women goes on and on, but the most recent example comes from Twitter. Of course it does: Twitter is the Valhalla of mansplainers, what with all its women having thoughts and opinions. Writer Maud Dromgoole tweeted out a perfect example of the phenomenon, after a man at a bar explained the meaning of “je ne sais quois” to her – straight after she’d told him what it meant.

What happened next is so predictable it would be funny if it wasn’t so exhausting. Among the many women replying with nonplussed agreement and laughter at this poor man’s inability to listen, the mansplainers came out to argue their case. So began a sort of mansplaining inception:

Special shout out to this guy who really, really didn’t get what was happening:

When The Pool office first saw these tweets, we laughed. “Ha ha the men who think women are stupid are themselves being stupid,” we said. But this is a problem women have to deal with every single day, and we’re all so bloody tired of having to explain ourselves time and time again. Mansplaining is a tool men use, consciously or not, to keep women in their place and to make them feel small. I don’t know how we tackle mansplaining, but calling out instances – and the subsequent, inevitable follow-ups – is a good place to start.


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